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Coding Badly

I thought Snowden had approved access to the info he took and spread.

The point is... One of the most secure organizations in the world had an unknown amount of data stolen by someone working for that organization.  It is simply not necessary for a criminal organization to be involved for sensitive data to be stolen.  A jackass with a thumb drive and key-card access is all that is necessary.

He didn't hack, did he?

He did.  The hack accomplished two things: 1. The NSA has no idea how much data he stole and, even if they get their hands on him, they will very likely never know; 2. The NSA had no idea anything was stolen until Snowden admitted that he stole something.

Cloud is not safe from theft.

Most (maybe all) incarnations are not safe.  The trick is to encrypt the data before it leaves the client and only decrypt on the client.  Anything else is vulnerable.  Just ask the NSA.


While you are on line with NSA, ask about whether they forced your cpu company to develop back doors or leave vulnerability in their hardware encryption so that NSA can defeat it in record time. If your local hardware is not even able to secure data, no way you can hide anything. I wonder if we should use some quantum mechanics powered random number generators to help with encryption.


With Condoleeza Rice now on the board of Dropbox, Snowden is recommending Spideroak as an alternative. End-to-end encryption.

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