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Disclaimer: I may be completely ridiculous for posting the following plea, and if I offend anyone's sensibilities I apologise in advance, but this seemed like as good a place to start as any. So...

I am wondering if anyone is interested in collaborating on the creation of a device using arduino.

I work in the VFX industry and have specific needs for a device that would fill a huge void in the current workflow of my industry, not just for personal projects, but for all VFX shoots in general.

I am personally not competent in the areas of electronics or programming, but know exactly what the issues are and what the functionality of the device would need to be.

I'm not doing this for selfish reasons, so I'd like to classify this as an open source experiment so that anyone can benefit.

The device is essentially meant to track the position of a camera in physical space. Currently this is achieved manually by using digital inclinometers and distometers, but is not real-time. I am initially hoping to track tilt (horizontal and vertical) in real-time. Phase two would include the functionality to track height. Phase three would include location.

I'm not even sure if arduino can handle this kind of operation. If not, I would love some pointers down another road.

It would be a dream come true if we could figure out how to create this device and put it into use.

Thanks to all replies. :)

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