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this post is only for people how did the same error like me.

this morning i powerd up my arduino BT with 9v on X1-1 X1-2.
yes i know this is very stupid...
but not as stupid as in the worst case.

so i have no money to buy a new one but i have time and i can solder smd.

my first impression is that the max 1676 is dead.
i power up with 5V i get 140mA of current and my power supply get on short cirquit.
huh 140mA... :'(

and yes, it was the max1676, just power your arduino BT [glow]with 5V (BE AWARE OF POWER SUPLY INACCURACY)[/glow] somewhere AFTER (5v pin connector, C7) the MAX1676 and it will still work! the Batt-low Led will light up but thats all, the rest works.  ;D

have a nice day, yours _pest

p.s. it would be nice to have a good power supply (1,2v to 12v or something like that) on the next version of arduino BT... 79? up in smoke is horrible...

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