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I orderd 3 ATmega168v 10PU chips from Futurlec to program on the diecimile board. But i can't get the bootloader on the board.
It says that it doesn't reconize the chip?

any help please? :(

best regards


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Hi Ronald, I am sorry to have to say that you ordered the wrong part. You got the 10mhz cpu, the Arduino runs at 16mhz and needs the ATmega168 20PU (not sure if futurlec carry this part)


That's to bad :(
The chip you pointing at is an smd type. so not the right one.

thanks for the help.



I realized that just after posting and changed my post accordingly


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The ATmega168-20PU is spec'ed at 20MHz but runs at 16MHz on arduino

Also you can upgrade to an ATmega328-20PU which offers twice the flash and twice the RAM compared to the 168

You may have some minor compatibility issues with the 328

If you need something bigger, better than the 328 check out the sanguino which has 64K Flash and 4K RAM :)


The sanguino uses a 644 chip and while mostly compatible with the arduino it is not 100% compatible



hi RonaldB,
I have couple of Atmega168V-10PI - the only ones in DIP package I could buy locally.
I put one in self made simple board with 10Mhz crystal.
The only thing which is not working for now is uploading sketches via serial cable. Hope this is solvable but currently I'm using USBtinyISP programmer.


It will run at 10MHz but you may need to modify the bootloader, make some changes to the Arduino IDE and you also need to change any code or libraries which depend on the fact the ATmega168 runs at 16MHz, otherwise your timing will be wrong



You could burn the lilypad bootloader and run it on the internal 1MHz clock source.


Interesting suggestion :)

But you would lose 9MHz and 9MIPS :(


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Interesting suggestion But you would lose 9MHz and 9MIPS

Think if it as gaining 24 MIPs ( you would run the three chips at 8mhz instead of 16).  If you don't use the three chips they have no MIPs at all  ;)


I suspect that your -10V parts will run just fine at 16MHz in the arduino, when powered by the 5V that exists there.  The 10MHz is the max you'll get at some of the lower supply voltages that the V versions are spec'ed to run at.  (Of course, it's not guaranteed to work, but I would say it's worth a try!)

All you have to do is convince whatever you're using to program the bootloader that the chip is valid, which probably means either telling it to program a V chip rather than the regular version, or by telling it to ignore the "signature check."  Probably this involves running avrdude manually instead of via the arduino menu...


Thanks for all the great tips, iám planning to upload the Lilypad bootloader through the arduino board. And run it with a 8Mhz chrystal.
When it works (witch i hope) i can use these 3 chips.

thanks again.


Oké, I have some problems uploading the bootloader through the Deicimila board with a parallel programmer.

I have setup the ATmega168v 10PU on a breadboard with a 8Mhz chrystal. And connected the ISP pins from the Arduino board to the breadboard. But i can't upload the bootloader code through the Parallel programmer.

What am i doing wrong, i'm pressing down the reset switch when dowing this and upload the code through the arduino software 12.

Is this the way to go or should i build a Usb tiny ISP, or do some one esle could recomment an other programmer for not much cash?



I finaly got it working.
I used http://dybkowski.net/elka/ispprog.html this software and uploaded the Lilypad bootloader.
I hooked up a 8Mhz chrystal to it and now i can program it buy using the Arduino board through the RX and TX.

Thanks for all the help. :)

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