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Dear Members,

I require help, and guidance. I have compiled a LED blinking code for Arduino Due (AD) board in Atmel Studio 6.2. Now I have to program the hex file on AD board.

Please guide what steps I have to take to program Arduino Due board from Atmel Studio 6.2? There are much links to guide, programming other Arduino boards from Atmel Studio, but I have found none link/info on how to program Arduino Due board from Atmel Studio.




You can use the .bin file generated by AS6 located at:
...Documents\Atmel Studio\6.1\YourProject\Yourproject\Debug\

Then load your .bin file to Arduino Due using bossac.exe that comes with
the Arduino IDE (...\arduino-1.5.6-r2-windows\arduino-1.5.6-r2\hardware\tools) as follows (cmd command line):

bossac.exe --port=COM12 -U false -e -w -v -b yourfile.bin -R

Notice that I am using port 12 because that is the port in my laptop where my Due is connected.

Remember to press the delete and reset buttons of Arduino Due before run the bossac.

Good luck!


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