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hi all -

wanted to check this out before i got into the Arduino scene:

is it possible to setup multiple arduino boards in a simple network using, say, a USB hub? or perhaps an i2c network?  or even over wifi or bluetooth. and if so, is it possible to somehow give each board in the network a unique id or address, so that i can send different commands to each from a host PC? as opposed to having multiple arduinos mimicing each other...

i am wanting to control multiple motors from, in different locations (several feet apart) all from one pc.

anyone have any info on this?



You could try the I2C (Wire) library that comes with Wiring - it should also run with the ATmega8 on the Arduino board, though I haven't tried it.  If you get it working, let us know.

Documentation here: http://wiring.org.co/reference/libraries/Wire/index.html
Library here: http://arduino.cc/files/Wiring-07-Wire.zip



wanted to check this out before i got into the Arduino scene:

I am in the same situation, so wondered if anyone had any luck, before I order 10 boards I wanne hook up in a big instalation.

Reading what teh arduino can do, I must say, prety impressed.


I think we can't use I2C (Wire) library directly , the I2C in Wiring use pin0 and pin1 , but in Arduino , I2C at analog 5(SCL) and analog 4(SDA) , but we can't use these two pin .


If we can change Arduino's hardware serial port from 8 bit data to 9 bit data , we can build a Arduino network, but it need to modify the lib of Arduino, I don't know how to do it , who can give me some tutorials ?

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