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Hi All

Before purchasing, I would like to know some opinions on running OpenCV on the embedded linux chip of the Arduino Yun?

I have a project which would require some object detection. This is happily working using a laptop and webcam. However I would like to move this onto a linux embedded development board and send the results through a bridge or serial to an Arduino.

The Arduino Yun has everything I need on one board but I am concerned with the performance of image processing on the Yun with its apparent poor floating point performance. My other option is to have a separate more powerful development board (ie. BBB or Pi or maybe Udoo?! Bit expensive...) and send results to a small Arduino Mini for example. Most of the project I would prefer to have on an Arduino.

Any thoughts welcomed...




I port OpenCV to Yun-Openwrt.  OpenCV is very cpu intensive application. if detection takes 0.2 sec at laptop. It could take  0.8 sec at Yun since it only has AR9331 CPU/400Mhz. The speed is only major issue.

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