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Hi all, and sorry for my bad english
I can't figure out how to routes the TIOBx lines between timers and I/O

I've tried that (for example with pin13 (LED) which is route to the line B of the first timer):

int led = 13;

On every timers it works fine with TIOAx lines but not with TIOBx.

I've follow the method given by Sebastian Vik to configure the timer and the interrupt ( http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=130423.msg984328#msg984328 )

thank you in advance :)


Hi, I wrote the library using timer registers and while writing I took both TIOA and TIOB into consideration as I intend to use timers for pulse generation. Most of the libraries available are focused on generating software interrupts and don't take TIOB into account. That means libraries are not written for TIOB. So please check the library you are using. You may have to edit it according to your needs. Sorry for not being specific as I am not working on DUE now.



You indicate that you have written a lib for the Timers -> Pin function.
Please share it here so we can see your work.

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