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Hi! I hope someone still reads this thread. I'm a person who has no previous experience of electric circuits, but enough in programming. I am trying to make my arduino detect sounds. SO far I am the happy owner of an electret microphone (omnidirectional, which is completely ok by me), and of a piezo microphone.

My piezo only reacts to knocks, the other one just sends insane chains of values even if I am quiet as a mouse. I understand I need an amplifier. I have NO IDEA how to connect it to the piezo/electret and I do not understand the strange drawings on the websites. I only understand pictures or literally colourful explanations. Can you guys help me? I have the LEDs down and working, I can connect them and make them be bright and so on, but can't get a value from the mikes. Please share some wisdom with me, it should be elementary for you from what I hear.



Hi midna,

The best advice I can give is to encourage you to read up on audio amplification in an elementary electronics book.  A visit to your local library should provide you with access to better explanations then I could give in a few sentences here.
And I am sure you can find resources on the net for people just coming into electronics that explain concepts like microphone amplification in terms you can understand.

I hope this is the start of a very enjoyable learning experience you.

Have fun!


Hello to you too!

Sadly for all of us, I have just spent my last two evenings in search of an easy to do, DIY tutorial, even on youtube. However I found nothing that looked doable. There is a gap between the same rotten tutorials that you can find even on the arduino page, and the supercool-supercomplicated stuff. The kind-of-easy things are completely omitted. I just need the simplest picture of a mike connected to an amplifier, and back to arduino. Apparently it is one of the most omitted things in the history of electronics. But thanks for your advice!


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