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I'm going  buy my first oscilloscope, I'd like to stay under 300 bucks if I could, anyone have a recommendation for a good one around that price range ?



There are too many different oscilloscopes.
Do you want a black box connected to the computer or tablet ?
Or a standalone oscillocope ?

The first thing is the maximum frequency you want to measure.
If you need to measure transient pulses in an Arduino environment, you might need 50MHz or higher.
Do you want to measure also multichannel digital signals, like an logic analyzer ?

So you really need to set your specs. After that see what kind of oscilloscopes can do that within the price range.
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Rigol DS1102E.  They're usually $350-400, but you might find one used for less.  If you don't need the storage and can live with a little lower bandwidth, get a used analog scope.  (Ideally, you would have one each anyway.)

If you want digital and can't afford the Rigol, keep saving.  The little iPad and USB scopes are just toys.  Even the 1102E is nothing fancy, but it's good enough for casual stuff.  "Good" starts at $1k and goes straight up from there, so you do whatcha gotta do.  $)


The engineering students at Rensselar Polythechnic Institute (RPI) are all required to buy & use one of these.
My son says it works pretty good.
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Listen to them. And stay away from those toy tiny 'scopes that are the size of a small cell phone (or smaller). They are nothing but toys. 50MHz bandwidth is barely sufficient for a 16MHz Arduino.

The Rigol DS1052e is a 50MHz 'scope that is really the Rigol DS1102E 100MHz 'scope. A firmware update can change a 1052e into a 100MHz DS1102e. FYI.
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I have to wonder if the same isn't true of Siglent. They named two of their scopes the 1102 and the 1052. The 1052 is 50MHz, the 1102 is 100MHz, and they appear identical physically.

And the Siglent 1052 is still only $270 USD.



However, reading the comments, the build quality may be poor. Since Dave Jones of EEVBlog has endorsed the Rigol 1052e 50MHz, I bought one and will be applying the firmware upgrade to an 1102e 100MHz.
Steve Greenfield AE7HD
CET Consumer Electronics and Computer
Please don't read your attitudes into my messages

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