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I just received a Duemilanove board and I think there may be something wrong with it.

I notice that all serial access quits working after about 30 seconds of the board being powered on (via plugging in the USB cable).  After that, trying "Upload to IO board" will either hang the IDE or return "protocol error".

I wrote a tiny program that sends a message out the serial port of the IO board every second.  After uploading it, and monitoring the serial output from the Arduino IDE, it send message properly for about 20 seconds, then starts sending garbage.

The reset button doesn't correct the issue -- a cold reboot of the board seems to be required.

FTDI Version:
Baud Rate (everywhere): 115200

Any suggestions?


Just a thought, try reducing the baud rate to 9600, it could be your PC is having trouble with that rate.

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