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I've been using the Arduino Duemilanove pretty solidly for about a day and a half now, and am nearing the end of my particular experiment, when suddenly, Arduino (the programming environ) locked up, and after force quitting, rebooting, re-installing the latest usbserial drivers i could find (2.2.10), I still only have bluetooth drivers in the serial menu.

What happened?  Is there a log I can look at?  Some sort of weird reset scenario?

I'm on a Macbook Pro with Leopard.

The USB ports are still functional, according to the iPhone.


Funny, just today I had a solder bridge resulting in a power short and saw the same behavior.  Once I removed the offending shield, the Arduino was just fine.

Check for a power overload or maybe a short.



Really?  And that removed those /dev files from the host OS?  Is the software just sort of "giving up"?

ANd, yeah, i was working on a protoshield, but even before I plug back in the USB, there is no /dev/usb* whatever.


I'm brewing tomorrow, and hoped I could finish this dumb bubble counter before then.  Beer comes first, though.  :)


The device special files (/dev/tty.usbserial-12345678) are dynamic, and only exist when the device is attached.



Well, that 'splains that.

I have a larger issue then.  :(

Without any shield, the Arduino apparently no longer registers.  



Power cycle everything, all at the same time.  Watch for any powered hubs, etc.  If that doesn't work, change to a different USB port.

If it doesn't work after that, it's beginning to sound like a dead arduino...

Which arduino?  The Diecimilla and newer models have a polyfuse, which may offer some protection.  That fuse is self-resetting, but I suppose it is possible to stress it past the point it can recover.

Maybe someone else has ideas.


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