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hi guys
i got a IR transmission led (with 2 pins). i am trying to make it work as a remote. i have also got the reciever led(with 2 pins) can anyone give me a circuit diagram for this? just 1 led has to transmit and other as to recieve.
thanx in advance... :)


Search here, or on google, there's a plenty of them :D


man i couldnt find basic ckts... thats y asked.... still cant find any....  :(


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The IR emitter is just an LED, use the circuit for an LED.
The IR receiver is just a photo transistor.
Look at the input section of:-

But then what do you want to do with it. Do you want to emulate a remote or do you want to do breaking beam stuff.

For breaking beam stuff see:-

For remote emulation software see:-

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