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hi everyone.
I need a little help with buying the parts.
I want to make a zeppelin that is controlled WiFi.
I think I need three engines and  Arduino uno ..what wlan shield to buy???

Can it be operated outdoors??
End do i need a router ??   :~


Operation outdoors dependent on the power of your motors and the windspeed and the cross sectional area/air resistance of the zepp.

Youd want bi-directional motor control boards, possibly PWM controlled for easy programming.

Three motors could be used I guess. Two on each side for y axis control and one on the back with either a rotating mount or a tail to control yaw.

4 motors you could have 2 mounted horizontally (x-axis control) and 2 mounted vertically on the port and starboard on the tail to controll yaw, removing the need for a servo/moveable tail.


Here I want to do something like this


I am most concerned about wlan control...


I am most concerned about wlan control...

I think you should be most concerned with the weight and power requirements.

Also, if you plan to use it outdoors then you will probably need something with longer range than WiFi. A conventional RC control system would be far more suitable I would have thought, and also gives you simple and lightweight options to drive the motors.
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Something like this nano blimp would be cool for indoors.


Maybe a bit larger?

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