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Is there a good way to displace the low-batt led on the arduino bt so i can see it outside the enclosure?


How about a small length of clear plastic, to act as a light pipe?  You sometimes see power-on LEDs in consumer electronics with these little light pipes, partly due to the better ESD and RFI performance that you get by mounting the LED away from the panel.  In fact, you can buy the LED-sized light pipes from component suppliers.


Thanks for the answer. I think this is kind of difficult to make in my case since i have a populated shield on top of the arduino. I don't see how i can make a little plastic pipe on top of the tiny surface mounted led on the board and lead it through all the components to the outside world.
I was hoping to tap the power of the low batt led wire on a other place than the tiny surface mounted led itself. If there's no other solution... will i harm the arduino when i solder 2 wires to the + an - side of the led and connect another one to these wires so they are parallel.


Connecting 2 LEDs in parallel is not a good idea.  In your case, one or other of the LEDs may not light unless they are closely matched. If they both work, they will be dimmer, since they are both drawing current through the one resistor. Remove the LED on the board before you connect your wires.
If you are not confident of your ability to work on SMDs I suggest you practice on a board out of an old remote control or something, before you risk your Arduino. Always take precautions to protect chips, etc. from static damage.
Another thought: I haven't used light pipes myself, but there's no reason they need to be straight. Not sure if you  can bend them using heat, or if you need to buy them bent. Flexible ones?

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