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Let me know if you are able to duplicate the problem in the same way as me. I wanted to try again, but if it was just a fluke that it burned without errors, then I didn't want to risk it!


I don't blame you for not wanting to retry it!
I tried it using your process (power after connection) and I was still able to burn the bootloader. Must be a "moon phase" problem.
I do know that if your parallel cable is too long (~3') you can have intermittent problems.  :-X
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My cable is too SHORT, if anything. Good to know, though... I was planning on making it much longer.


Your limited primarily by the cables native capacitance and tendency for cross-talk. With conventional ribbon cable, you should be under 2ft, but this largely depends on your parallel ports drive capabilities. Adding a buffer of some kind may dramatically increase your cable lengths.

(For those who are curious, assuming a perfect conductor and zero response delay, you're limited to somewhere around 150 meters for clocked communication at 1MHz, although your pp programmer is likely much slower than 1MHz and your cable is far from ideal, and the ATmega & PC have non-zero processing times - you could also measure the latency and correct for the delay in clock-out to data-back, but you know...).
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