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That's the odd thing: with the 9v/1A supply, I powered both the Arduino and the Fonera for about ten seconds. Then, when I realized that the Fonera wasn't going to boot, I disconnected it and left the Arduino on its own for another five minutes or so. That's when I realized how hot it had gotten, and how it had taken on that dangerous hot electronics smell.

But the good news is that it doesn't matter that much now...


Well, 10 seconds is still a pretty long time to be dissipating ~4 Watts in such a tiny package.  I'm glad everything still seems to be working.

- Ben


Just split both wires to two pairs of wires, using screw connectors (don't know if this is the right word in English,

I'd probably call that a terminal block, YMMV. :)



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Just ordered from Sparkfun- one 5V/1A wall wart and one female barrel jack, for soldering to.

Thanks guys! I expect this to work out fine, as long as the Arduino will function correctly powered by 5v at its Vcc.


Can you post information about how you connect arduino and fonera, like code, etc?

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