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I'm a bit confused here, maybe someone here can help me understand this?


From what I can understand it got a common Anode, and anode is + yes?

5V should be connected to the Common Anodes right? But how do I then control what led to light up?

And how do the pin-numbers work, 1-14?
1-7 is from top-left - bottom-left, and 8-14 from bottom-right - top-right?

Please do help me understand this  :)
I'm from Norway!


Supply +VDC to the anode of a given digit.

Hang a resistor below each segment's cathode of the given digit.

Below the resistor, attach control signals (digital outputs).  If you want the segment to light up, write a LOW on that signal.  If you want the segment to turn off, write a HIGH on that signal, which creates a situation where there is no voltage across the segment, and therefore no current through it.

Ran Talbott

Yes,  you're right about connecting the anodes to +5,  and about the pin umbering.

To light up a segment,  connect it to a digital pin through a resistor in the range of about 180-220 Ohms (assuming I remember correctly that those old Monsanto displays have 1.7V LEDs).

Make sure the pin is set as an OUTPUT in your setup() function.

When you write a LOW to the pin,  the LED will turn on.


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