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So I'm trying to figure out what happened to my Arduino.  Everything had been running find for days, then I checked on it and the i2c LCD was flashing on and off.  I took it all apart and now sketched will upload.  Some will work, like the blink example, but others that use the i2c bus don't work.  I have tried my 328 chip and 168 chip and there is no difference.  The only thing I have seen is on the resistor pictures below there is some discoloration.  The resistor tests as 1K ohms with the multimeter though.  All other connections seem good.  The little hair is from a Q-tip.  It wasn't there when it was all running.  Any suggestions?


Well I think we need more description of what doesn't work. If I understand you it does upload and run the blink program? For that to happen a awful lot is OK on the board. I think you may have to run more sketches to try and nail down what works and what doesn't.



The part you have arrowed is a ceramic capacitor.  It looks fine.  The resistors are black and (in your photo) have 103 written on them.  They're fine too.


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but others that use the i2c bus don't work.

This bus uses A4 & A5 so you might have blown those pins. Check them by connecting an LED and resistor to them and running the blink program. (suitably modified) Then make them inputs and check they read a push button.
If all that is OK then you have something else wrong with your external I2C circuitry.


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