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I got that about the servo.

About the esc and motor (all the ones I have around here) are for rc cars. So forward, break, reverse. All brushless and handle voltages ranging from 7 to 14v depends on how long you want to spin the tires.


So I started messing around with it, for the esc (has reverse) 90 was the middle and 0 degrees is reverse but it gets tricky as it's in forward, break and then you have to give it a break signal again to go into reverse. So I would put 0 degrees and it would stop but then if I put in 45 degrees it would go into reverse and then keep in reverse when it looped back around to 0 degrees. Took me a minute to figure out what was going on. I think I'll just reprogram the esc so it doesn't have the reverse lock out.  

So if anyone is wondering for an ESC its 0 degrees is break or reverse, 90 degrees is no power, and 180 is full power straight ahead.

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