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The fact of the matter is, once I have a .hex file I should only have to make one call to avrdude before I'm up and running.  And I know the call and its arguments are correct because they're identical to the ones used by the UI, which uploads without any problems.

Something strange must be going on inside the UI's code, right?  Either it's not reporting the right avrdude command or it's manipulating serial communication behind the scenes.


By the way, the makefile shipped with version 0015 has broken links.  The arduino project's directory structure changed and the changes weren't reflected in the makefile.  I've updated my makefile's references so that it no longer complains when I call 'make', but avrdude still fails.

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Do you see any TX/RX activity on the device when you try to upload via avrdude?  Is something else using ttyusb0?  Looks to me that avrdude can't get a serial connection, or the stk500 protocol it is expecting is not correct.
I yield() for co-routines.


The IDE resets the board just before uploading.  You'll need to press the reset button on the board a second or so before the upload starts.

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