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The board and components illustration, and the starter book are simple, clear and beautiful.

I'm wondering how you have achieved such impressive result as I would like to offer the same level of quality for educational and tutorial books/webpage for our arduino-based projects.

Can you tell me which software do you use for your components illustrations and the page layout of your books?

Thanks !


Fritzing is a popular choice for those "photo-like" pictures, and Eagle is often used for good schematics.
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Thanks for the hint, yet  we have a custom board (fork of Due) made with KiCad.
It is not clear for me if is it possible to create a custom board illustration with Fritzing  or if it only embed the official ones ?


I think it's possible to create custom components for Fritzing, but I have no idea how.....
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Yes Fritzing is the best one I have found! Also includes Arduino now!

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