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Weird.  Bluetooth is definitely mysterious.  Still, I'm glad you got it working.  


I feel guilty that it works for me, but didn't actually find a problem. Thanks anyways!


I wonder: how did you compile the Arduino 11 source - on Leopard?

Because I'm having troubles with that (tried two SVN checkouts some days ago and just now); in Xcode3 I get a JamTool error; and Xcode2.5 tells me that it's not supporting JamTool Apps in Mac OS X 10.5.

Code: [Select]
Mkdir /Volumes/T'Pol/Arduino/Arduino-0011-src-388/build/macosx/build/Arduino.build/work/App.build/DerivedSources
...failed JavaCompile.default <CompileJava>Arduino.app ...
...skipped <DeriveAndCompileSources>Arduino.app for lack of <CompileJava>Arduino.app...

is there a precompiled binary available somewhere... maybe?  ::)



Have you got the whole error message? It might be because of that apostrophe in your hard disk name (T'Pol) that's kicking up a fuss. I just downloaded the source through svn then pressed the hammer button in XCode. I don't know which version of XCode I had, but it was probably the latest one. Maybe try compiling it on your main hard disk?

Failing that, PM me and I'll email you my Arduino 11 folder all zipped up.



oh, indeed, I should have known that it's a bad idea to have an ' in the path... thank you v much!
(and sorry for overseeing the obvious)

...though I don't seem to have the same luck as you with Arduino 11, still the same errors ,(



I never found a good solution for the BT on Arduino 0010 but it works fine for me with the pre-release of Arduino 0011. See http://tinker.it/now/2008/03/18/making-sense-of-the-arduino-bt-and-mac-os-x-leopard/



I'm still trying to get the Arduino BT board start transmitting data
without the need of resetting it just before opening the serial transmission.
I'm not talking about uploading sketches, even reading data from the BT board is impossible without resetting it...
If I don't reset the board, on OSX the BT symbol in the topright Finder toolbar doesn't change to active,
and I get the usual "port already in use by another application" exception...
I need to use the BT board in outdoor installations,  making it impossible to reach them by hand to press the onboard reset button.

Last year I posted this procedure to the forum,
and still have found no better ways to get data from the BT board to Max/Msp:

1) Power the Arduino BT board
2) Open Arduino IDE,
configure Board (Arduino BT) and Port (both CU-TTY work for me)
3) Open Serial Monitor and IMMEDIATELY hardware reset the BT board,
4) ONLY when the connection is estabilished and working
(you see by the BT symbol in the topright bar changing to connected,
and if you have some "println" in your sketch,
you should see the numbers flowing in the Serial Monitor window)
open Max/msp and start serial reading, then stop Arduino Serial Monitor.

This is the only procedure working 100% for me.

If I try to start reading serial data directly from Max, it seems that the board doesn't manage to connect,
while if I try to read data from Arduino Serial Monitor without resetting the board just after pressing the Serial Monitor button,
I get an error about board being already in use by another application.

Wouldn't be possible to embed some auto-reset command in the BT sketches or firmware when the serial port is open by the computer,
so that when you want to start serial readings the board reset itself and can start trasmitting data?
I've read all the forum posts about this but can't find anything helpful.
I'm no programmer or electronic engeneer, so apologize in advance if this is a stupid request,


It works!!!!  ;D ;D ;D ;D
thanks a lot
you guys save my day


kk: have you tried resetting the BT module from within your sketch?  There's an example here: http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBTInitializationSketch.  


i am still having trouble connecting the Arduino BT to my MacBook??
it just never wants to read the device.
i have read the all the posts above but i still seem to be doing something wrong
any suggestions???


One other thing: what is arduino ADI?



sorry i meant to type IDE

The IDE is the "Integrated Development Environment" which is the application where you type your sketch. See here: http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software



thank you

i am still having trouble connecting the Arduino BT to my MacBook??
it just never wants to read the device.  
i have read the all the posts above but i still seem to be doing something wrong
any suggestions???


rdf107, what do you mean by 'having trouble'? Could you tell us what you have tried and what you get when you try? Thanks.

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