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Weird.  Bluetooth is definitely mysterious.  Still, I'm glad you got it working.  


I feel guilty that it works for me, but didn't actually find a problem. Thanks anyways!


I wonder: how did you compile the Arduino 11 source - on Leopard?

Because I'm having troubles with that (tried two SVN checkouts some days ago and just now); in Xcode3 I get a JamTool error; and Xcode2.5 tells me that it's not supporting JamTool Apps in Mac OS X 10.5.

Code: [Select]
Mkdir /Volumes/T'Pol/Arduino/Arduino-0011-src-388/build/macosx/build/Arduino.build/work/App.build/DerivedSources
...failed JavaCompile.default <CompileJava>Arduino.app ...
...skipped <DeriveAndCompileSources>Arduino.app for lack of <CompileJava>Arduino.app...

is there a precompiled binary available somewhere... maybe?  ::)



Have you got the whole error message? It might be because of that apostrophe in your hard disk name (T'Pol) that's kicking up a fuss. I just downloaded the source through svn then pressed the hammer button in XCode. I don't know which version of XCode I had, but it was probably the latest one. Maybe try compiling it on your main hard disk?

Failing that, PM me and I'll email you my Arduino 11 folder all zipped up.



oh, indeed, I should have known that it's a bad idea to have an ' in the path... thank you v much!
(and sorry for overseeing the obvious)

...though I don't seem to have the same luck as you with Arduino 11, still the same errors ,(


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