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I followed this http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/DirectDriveLEDMatrix exactly did the codes to get frequency timer2 to compile correctly and wired up the matrix exactly the same and i get nothing.... i upload the code to the Duemilanove and it just sits there the display does nothing.


You must have it wired up wrong.

I have used that code, as have many others, and it works.

LED matricies are often a major pain to wire up, both the home-made and pre-built varieties.

It is very easy to get the pin numbering of pre-made matricies wrong. You need to check the datasheet to find which pin corresponds to which row/column. It will definitely NOT be row 1 = pin 1.


Indeed, there is no standard pinouts from LED Matrix and each manufacturer seems to decide which pin goes to which column/row, just by throwing a dice. Read the datasheet and rejig your wires to match whatever schematic you are using.

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