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I just got a new Arduino Duemilanove. Every time I try to upload a sketch I keep getting:

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

I'm on a MacBook with Mac OS X Version 10.4.11 the serial port I selected is /dev/tty.usbserialA9007KbQ and the correct board is selected from the tool menu.

On the board I have the power and it is green. The LED with the "L" doesn't stop blinking. Every time I try to upload a sketch the LED stops blinking for a second and then continues to blink (even after I hit the reset button).

I am somewhat new to this so any help would be great.


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It sounds like you may have the wrong board selected in the Arduino IDE...

Do you have a Duemilanove with a 328 or a 168?

If you have a 168 you should select the Diecimila, not the Duemilanove.

It is most important to select the correct CPU and speed. 168 chips upload at 19200baud while 328 chips upload at 57600. Selecting the wrong speed chip will make all timing stuff wrong.


It was the wrong board. Thanks alot.

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