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Aug 12, 2014, 06:07 pm Last Edit: Aug 13, 2014, 02:28 pm by mrburnette Reason: 1
I don't get around these parts much anymore as I have been off doing PSoC designs; however, I just got in a couple of TFT GLCD color 128x128 for testing last week:
and was having some issues with the PSoC 4200 so I figured I would back-up and work out the signaling with the Arduino first.  I did a quick scan in Advanced Search and did not find anything here, so I thought I would post this information; all credit to sumotoy on http://forum.pjrc.com/threads/25862-ILI9163C-128x128-TFT-driver

The test code (zip) is by sumotoy as is his TFT library:
You will also need the Adafruit GFX libray:

- Compiled under 1.0.5r2 for Nano running at 3.3V (yes, out of spec.)  

- I placed a solder-bridge (jump) across J1 on the rear of the display carrier to effectively short the IC regulator (65Z5) although the test unit did work without the solder-jumper at precisely 3.3Volts.  

- Note that the LED backlight on this display has a 10 Ohm resistor on the display carrier board that I received... double-check this before connecting the LED power pin to 3.3V.


Note: as my intent is to use this display with the PSoC 4200 and since the source and libraries were NOT changed, please do not expect me to respond to assistance requests - I am simply posting working code and heading back to working out my ARM issues.  Use this thread to state your experience or request forum members assistance.  Thanks.

Edited to correct link

Working fine,
but it is not possible to send a color bitmap with this library !!!


Working fine,
but it is not possible to send a color bitmap with this library !!!

So, is the lack of this capability critical? (Rhetorical.)  If so, your quest for a cheap color display must continue OR you can start downloading libraries and try and document one that works with an SD card bitmap.

Personally, since this inexpensive TFT GLCD does not incorporate a SD card on the breakout board, I do not think there is any issue here... match the library to the hardware selected to satisfy the needs of the project.

Of course, that is just my opinion,



Nov 11, 2014, 08:32 pm Last Edit: Nov 12, 2014, 12:10 pm by reef
if I want to use this TFT with Arduino UNO I have to make a bridge of solder on the J1 so I can use 5v, but not on a LED that remains at 3v, is it correct?
thanks bye

LED      (BACKLIGHT)   3.3v
SCK      (SCLK)      pin 13
SDA      (MOSI)      pin 11
A0      (DC)         pin 9
RESET   (RESET)      pin 8
CS      (CS)         pin 10
GND      (GND)      GND
VCC      (VCC)      5v

OK, the answer is no, J1 is used to bypass the voltage regulator, TFT is ready to work with arduino (the 65Z5 is 5v), only the LED pin is connected with a resistance of 10 ohm (I have a 22ohm and it's perfect ) to 3v.


I have the same display and after a lot of searching I found this link. Thanks to mrburnette, finally I managed to display everything correctly.
My cabling was :
sck -pin 13
reset - pin 12
sda - pin 11
cs - pin 10
A0 - pin 9
LED - 3.3v
Used his simple and easy 'test.zip' file on a Duemilanove with excellent results. For one more time Thank you.


i still have the problem
can someone please say step by step how to run the files.
still can not get a clear compiling and i dont really know what/where to change or specify


Nov 27, 2014, 04:05 pm Last Edit: Nov 27, 2014, 04:06 pm by nid69ita
Perfect and veeeery fast on Teensy 3.1 (work at 3.3V) , I changed this on test.ino:
Code: [Select]
#define __CS 10
#define __DC 9
#define __RST 12

My pinout (tft - teensy), the same of @mimhs :
1.Vcc -  3.3V
2.Gnd - Gnd
3.Cs - 10
4.Reset -  12
5.A0 - 9
6.Sda - 11
7.Sck - 13
8.Led - 3.3V

Somebody undestand the pin names ?  A0 and Sda ?  Usually on SPI Mosi/Miso or Din/Dout  :smiley-eek-blue:
my name is IGOR, not AIGOR


Hi guys, I seem to have one of the black PCB 1.44" TFTs and I was wandering what kind of modifications I would need to do to get it working with this library.

I would appreciate any kind of help!

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