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Hello everyone
i'm working in my graduation project now and i would like to detect finger movements/hand gestures using EMG sensors and Arduino kit  so i need to make a pattern recognition on arduino and without using the computer,Can you help out finding a documentation about this or have you got any clue how to do this (methods,codes..ect)?


Over 17000 hits when you Google "emg sensors arduino"
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Your answer may already be here: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=384198.0


Take a look at the Arduino Yun, that linux process should cope.



I have been working on something similar (motion tracking). I am using a software library called openCV it's great but takes a large amount of time and effort to even get started. From the sounds of your project it should work very well. That being said you will need a rather extensive knowledge of programming.

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