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Hello Everybody,

The Basic Bascom is compatible with Arduino modules using AVR ATMEGA 328, and ATMEGA2560,

A new forum about Arduino is starting now. on the bascom site :http://www.mcselec.com/index.php

We are here to help you with a very fast compiler, a very rich IDE.

I am volunteer to moderate this forum, I use Basic Bascom since 15 years.

Jean-Pierre Duval  ;)

Coding Badly

A new forum about Arduino is starting now. on the bascom site :http://www.mcselec.com/index.php

Forum?  It's a shop.

Is your post spam?


it is not a spam, nor a joke.
I'm, we use Bascom Basic, Bascom Basic is an alternatve for people who doesn't like "C" for a lot of reason mainly the case, the ";"...
Elektor the famous electronic newspaper edited  4 articles   about Bascom-Basic  and Arduino.

Arduino and Basic Bascom must be friends in order to develop both together.

As you certified complementary  hardware, why don't you certified complementary software ?

I had a company making tools for laboratory, I sold more than 1000 machines with AVR inside, unfortunatly I didn't know Arduino at this time, I would saved a lot of time and money to make them. but you where not born !

Now I retired, I do  astronomic clock and calculation for my hobby, I use Arduino and Bascom.

Bonne journée

Jean-Pierre Duval

Coding Badly

it is not a spam, nor a joke.

But it is an advertisement.  So it belongs under Products and Services.

Thread moved.


Dear sir,

I understand you and you do the right things
Sorry to be in the bad forum


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