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I made a small board to flash my ATMEGA168 chip (with a 16Mhz crystal). Flashing works fine with my USBasp programmer.

I did a Chip Erase, then set the fuses to Low: 0xFF (external crystal), High: 0xDF (only SPI enabled), Extended: 0xF9, and Lock bits to 0xFF (or 0x3F) (No mem restrictions).

To problem is: when i compile the Blink example and flash the blink.hex file, the LED lights up but doesnt go out. It stays lit...

Does Arduino code (hex file) require a bootloader or something that im missing?


I can confirm that you don't need the bootloader! Try playing around with the fuses and especially with the "Divide clock by 8 internally" ;)


Aug 24, 2009, 10:56 am Last Edit: Aug 24, 2009, 10:57 am by Intosia Reason: 1
Ok i got it 'to work' now. I added my USBasp to Arduino IDE. I then Burned the Bootloader from the menu to get all the Arduino settings (fuses etc).

Also changed Upload.using to USBasp instead of Bootloader. Works fine.

BUT something really wierd. Blink example does not work. But Melody, and BlinkWithOutDelay, work perfect! WTH.....

(Also i find it wierd that the avr still works when the bootloader is gone, but the fuses say 'boot vector enabled, blabla')

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