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Can anyone help with getting this compatible shield up and running I bought it from Ekitszone Electronics (Hong Kong) for my Duemilanove ATMEGA328 board (Arduino 0016).
I am pitifully ignorant of networking.
The shield uses a library very similar to the Nuelectronics board and I use a notebook under Win XP.
I have not been able to communicate with the shield and supect I am failing to use the correct MAC, ip and baseurl addresses:

I plug in the cable between notebook and Shield and power it all from the computers usb port. My ISP allocates a dynamic IP address. I have no problem networking two computers in a LAN (direct RJ45 cable connection) with intenet connection but I cannot get a connection
to the ethernet shield.
My ISP allocates a dynamic IP.
I would be very grateful for any suggestions!
Thanks in advance, paulr.

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