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Has anyone tried to make self-adhering fabric electrodes?  Or has tried to mimic the prescribed device BodyMed Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator?



By reading the description of the stimulator I guess... the pads are made from 'conductive foam'.

Looking at the prices of the stimulators, I also guess... they're relative simple devices. It may... be possible to build one yourself.

I'd be very cautious though.

If you use an arduino to blink a led without proper knowledge of electronics the chance of ruining the led is high.

If you want to treat pain without being a specialized doctor... the risk your patient may suffer more as before the experiment is high as well.

There is little harm in experimenting with most sensors (blood pressure, heart-rate, eeg, etc), but treatment is a completely different topic.


I'd agree with you on that.  However the shock couldn't be too serious with this 9v device.  Even apply the pad to a block of wood and simply touch to feel the effect.


Buy your own pads as they are reusable over 100 times ( I use them ).
The voltage is stepped up to about 80 volts from 9 Volts and then pulsed at different rates and pulse widths into the electrodes.

No technical PMs.
The last thing you did is where you should start looking.


Hi, I agree with LarryD, I have a tens unit and the pads that come with it and are available can be used many times, and are washable.
This is the style I have, even my chemist has them.


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