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I love the Arduino concept. Although I am a programmer I am completely overrun with work so i need to engage the services of an experienced Arduino programmer / hobbyist to develop a solution.


Arduino connected to RN42-HID chip and accelerometer.

The objective is to have a device that sends keystrokes based on gestures. There would need to be a method to store accelerometer data. Then the specific gestures could be converted to keystrokes and sent via the RN42-HID module.

If anyone is interested, please email stratton.bob@gmail.com to discuss further.




There are a lot of references to this HID device and how to use it with the Arduino. There is even a library if you look hard enough. IMUs are also well documented with reference to the Arduino. Gluing it all together is not that complicated. However as you have said .. You dont have the time and are prepared to pay someone to do it for you.

I have sent you an Email with my details.

Cheers Pete.
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