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hello, i have got a severino board allready asembled with an atmega328 chip on, it came with a prototype shield to make everything easier.... the question is, i see only 3 pwm pins on the board: 9,10,11.... and the atmega328 reference manual says it has 6 pwm pins: 9,10,11 and 3,5,6. how can i use the other pwm on the severino board?


pics of my severino on my very first proyect. :D

hope you can help, i want to control 6 servos with my severino, ans sorry about the mess ober the board  :-[


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They work just the same as 9,10 and 11 so it should just be a matter of changing the pin numbers to use them.


thanks, problem solved, i am using arduino 0017 and it has a megaservo library. now i can handle 12 servos !!!!  ;D

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