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Mar 13, 2009, 09:35 pm Last Edit: Mar 13, 2009, 10:46 pm by Kofel Reason: 1
I have problem, I have bought board in last time, it was sucessfully works, but only on Arch Linux ( interesting is that it wasn't work on Ubuntu! ;D ). On Windows XP and Windows Vista i still have this problem, system detect board as unknown/undefined device and I can't install drivers. ;]

Anyone have solution for it?

Edit: Board work on other PC ;)


FTDI provides a device driver remover for all FTDI devices.  Maybe you can just clean your Windows system and re-install the FTDI driver.


That doesn't help, any other help? ;o I have not installed drivers before connecting board!


go to device manager and update the drivers for anything with a ! or a ?, then try again.


I'm getting the same issue. Though I'm not getting a response from either PC i connect it to (Windows 7 & Ubuntu 9.04). :'(
Is the FTDI IC fried? Is there any way to fix this without having to fork out cash for a new one?

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