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I'm new to programming but have some familiarity with basic electronics.

I started with the current Arduino at v017 and uploaded the Servo examples to control an old Futaba FP28 servo, with the J connector.

This worked fine so I moved to enhance the code by adding a 2x16 serial LCD that I got from Modern Device.

I wanted to print the current servo angle on the LCD, but after adding the LCD, the servo glitches ever so often. I'm using the slow sweep loop.

Also, I added some code that just writes info to the LCD and does not use the servo, but the servo glitches during this part of the code in consistent places.

Any ideas what might be causing the servo to glitch?


It could be a problem with power, try running your sketch with the LCD (or at least the backlight) disconnected and see if that makes a difference.

Can you find some information on how much current that servo uses?

Can you try a more modern servo?

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