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i'm trying to have two xbees communicate with each other,,,one on the lilypad xbee sheild and the other connected to the PC (windows XP).

the xbee sheild it connected to a lilypad main board (tx and rx reversed on the other side)...and both the sheild and main board are connected to the main power supply...

sending from the main board through the xbee on the sheild is fine,,(i can see the characters i'm sending on the x-ctu terminal),,

but sending from the PC to the xbee on the sheild is not succesful (the xbee sheild blinks indicating that it recieved a signal),,,but nothing happens after that (i configued an LED to blink if the main board recieves anything through the serial,,but it doesn't--->nothing is recieved)...

when i connect the board directly to the PC (USB),,and i send to it directly,,the LED blinks,,,so i guess the problem is between the lilypad xbee sheild and the lilypad main board (168)....

i really have no idea how to fix this...



sound like it could be software or hardware .

whats your test program !!!!!


actually,,,it was an xbee power problem...(i fixed it,,)

thanks for replying though...

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