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i'm new in forum and uC too! I can't upload my sketches on an arduino mini 04.Let's take it from the start:

1.I'm using the USB 2 serial: Sparkfun CP2103. My connections are:
GND=>arduino GND
TX0=> arduino RX
RXI=> arduino TX
are they right?? (power led allways RED), and the arduino reset pin is on +5V.

2. question is that by powering on the mini04 the led on Pin13 lights for 2 secs and than remains off forever. (is it ok?)

3. after configuring the Port (COM9,115200/8/none/1/none) i try to upload the "blink" code but it seems to try to upload forever.
"Uploading to I/O board..."

I'm doing everything i found on the forum, but still nothing. Help pleaseee!!!!

additional infos: firewall deactivated, Arduino 017sw,windows XP,usb driver installed!

THNXXXXxxxx :-/

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