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I believe that serial communiction is not useable over the USB port. That is the major limitation. I does leave the UART pins free though, not that it is an elegant solution to have then connected to the computer as well.

The project uses the simplest AVR-USB protocol/bootloader. There is a more complicted one on the AVR-USB website that demonstrates serial communication over USB, I'm sure with enough interest someone could develop it for use on the metboard.



Is it possible to communicate with the computer from within an Arduino sketch?  Would the board still appear as a virtual serial port?  Would there be a way to create a version of the Arduino Serial functions that would work?  How many limitations would that impose on the other processing done by the sketch?

This is the main issue to solve. 2 solutions
- Firmware side : AVR-USB CDC bootloader (see avrdoper for example).
- Host side : a custom virtual com port



Hey I am trying to make this on a bradboard, I flashed the bootloader and did the jumpering, when I connect to PC on WINXP, Unknown device is the message I get.

I tried to install the driver but as per documentation of USBasp loader, after just connecting usb I should get device name as "USBASP" and device driver installation fails....

My configuration is

ATMega8 - 16MHz and connections are as per metaboard schematics....

Can any one help me plzzzzz :-?


Did you flash the correct bootloader? I used a Mega168 as opposed to your Mega8. When I first plug it in, I get the "Unknown Device" message, but when I set the bootloader jumper, and press the reset button, I get a "USBasp Device Connected" message, as it asked for the driver.


now this has to be tried :)
wen i get the needed parts :(
B-dui in creation.

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