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I am following the instruction guide found to set up Arduino on Windows.

Before I did that, I plugged the Arduino in to the computer, and clicked 'cancel' to the 'found new hardware' message, thinking it will pop up again.  IT DOESN'T ANYMORE.

I tried unplugging it, plug back in, restart the computer.  Nothing

Then I tried to look in the Device Manager while it's still plugged in, to see if some default driver was installed.  No, it doesn't show up anywhere under 'Device Drivers'.

I'm thinking maybe it automatically skips over the hardware check since I clicked cancel.  Is there a way to undo that, or is there another problem you guys can see with it?  

I've tried to google where the config files are located for the 'Found New Hardware' wizard, or how to reset it, but all I get back is tutorials on how to permanently turn off the wizard.

Thanks for your help.

Coding Badly

Coding Badly

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  • Connect the Arduino to the computer
  • Bring up Device Manager
  • In the right-side pane, right-click the top node; it will be the name of your computer
  • Click Scan for hardware changes
  • It may take some time but the New Device Wizard should eventually be displayed


XP Pro SP3

Good man!

I posted on your other post. Please don't multi-post the same thing



I was able to get it working thanks to both of your help.

I double posted because I noticed it isn't really a hardware problem, more of a software one.  I won't make the same mistake again ;)

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