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Author Topic: First steps with arduino nano  (Read 545 times)
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Arduino rocks
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Hey guys, I just picked up my arduino nano and I'm a little confused as to how to get it up and running. I'm having trouble finding basic guides for the nano, but I think my question is too rudimentary to even merit one. What I'd like to ask is how do I go about hooking stuff up to my nano? I saw a picture of one connected to a breadboard, but is there any special way to connect it to one?

I bought a 400 tie point solderless breadboard. Is that alright for the nano?

If anyone could tell me how to get this running i'd really appreciate it!

Lincoln, NE
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Having lots of fun with Arduino. Thanks everyone!
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Welcome to Arduino!

General Arduino beginner instructions here:

Guide to the Arduino Nano here:
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