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I'm trying to burn the bootloader and I can't find the fuse bits for the atmega328p. I'm using the bitbang method.


I tried a new method and it worked great.



for the 328P

hfuse = DA
lfuse = FF
efuse = 05
unlock = 3F
lock = 0F

which i found here http://www.geocities.jp/arduino_diecimila/bootloader/index_en.html#top



you find the fusebits for every chip supported by the Arduino in the "boards.txt" file that is installed along with the Arduino-application in the hardware-directory



Thank you, Seth! I tried this method and it worked great, but I cannot read eeprom memory. All other memories I get, but -U eeprom:r:eeprom.bin:r don't work correctly. Avrdude was reading eeprom and told that it saves content to file, but file is empty - length 0. I tried to write some symbols to that file and send to eeprom - it worked and my symbols stored. I tried to read eeprom from terminal mode - all is ok - I see my symbols stored. I suppose that problem is not in file type (.bin, .eep, or another) and problem is not in type specified after filename - r, i or another. All these I tried and nothing happens. Except - when read eeprom with i type, I get file of length 13 and it contains string - :00000001FF

What I do wrong? With another avrdude, which compiled for working with emulated COM port, I read eeprom with the same parameters.

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