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Is thre any reason why I can't use the IRremote library in the same sketch as the SoftwareSerial library?

I have a working sketch that receives commands from an RC5 remote and prints the button pressed to the regular serial monitor.

Now I want to display the number to a phanderson.com LCD117 module conneted to a digital pin (other than the one used by the IR) using SoftwareSerial.

I'm getting junk for output on the LCD.
If I comment out the irrecv.enable line, and I hard-code the input for the LCD rather than taking it from the IR, the LCD works fine.

I have examined the libraries and nothing jumps out at me.

Any ideas?



No answers, but I'm wondering if you have the same issue if you use NewSoftSerial, instead of SoftwareSerial.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


I did not know about NewSoftSerial.
Will look for it now.
Thank you.
Good advice.


THANK YOU  Mr Paul S.  !!!

NewSoftSerial did the trick for me.

You da man !

Thanks for helping me!


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