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Is thre any reason why I can't use the IRremote library in the same sketch as the SoftwareSerial library?

I have a working sketch that receives commands from an RC5 remote and prints the button pressed to the regular serial monitor.

Now I want to display the number to a phanderson.com LCD117 module conneted to a digital pin (other than the one used by the IR) using SoftwareSerial.

I'm getting junk for output on the LCD.
If I comment out the irrecv.enable line, and I hard-code the input for the LCD rather than taking it from the IR, the LCD works fine.

I have examined the libraries and nothing jumps out at me.

Any ideas?



No answers, but I'm wondering if you have the same issue if you use NewSoftSerial, instead of SoftwareSerial.


I did not know about NewSoftSerial.
Will look for it now.
Thank you.
Good advice.


THANK YOU  Mr Paul S.  !!!

NewSoftSerial did the trick for me.

You da man !

Thanks for helping me!


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