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Hey everybody.
I have an issue with programming an Arduino Mega board.
Here's what I have: a light curtain(made of 2 phototransistors and 2 IR beams) and a 3 Degrees of freedom robot.
I want to condition the movements of the robot to the return of a logic "1" of the light curtain.
My question is...how can I create some sort of a sub-program that will return a 1 or 0 from the light curtain to my main program so that I could use it as a condition further in the program.
I have to mention I am a beginner in programming :|
Thanks ;)


Might have posted it in the wrong place:|


I think your going to have to explain your task/problem is a more clear manner. Light curtain means little to me and it goes down hill from there. Why don't you try again. Also it's not clear if you are asking a software question or a hardware question, or maybe both?


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