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Author Topic: Burnt USB chip, HELP!  (Read 319 times)
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Does anyone know of a way to communicate with a mega board if the USB chip is fried, but everything else is OK. ?


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try this, mixed with, you have "only"to solder you new FTDI board pin tx, Rx, reset, Vcc and GND on the right pin of  broken FTDI chip   ;D
take a look at the schematics, seems more complicated but X3 are used to burn the bootloader and nothig else, then we need GND, +5V,(the "strange" link are done on the FTDI board so don't care) TX and RX. Seems thaht GPIO1 and GPIO2 turn on some led to show you when TX/RX is working... well i hope it will not be a great loose. You need only a new FTDI board

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