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Does anyone know the name of the font that is used i.e. for the name "Arduino" on the circuit boards?
seems like some sort of DIN font, but i'm not sure.



I don't know the font name, but it seems to be originally obtained in eagle software.



seems to be the font


DIN 6776 ("Normschrift") is very similar. It is normally used for the lettering of technical drawings.

Googling resulted in this ttf file, but I cannot say if this is a legal freefont version, so beware.


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Just FYI, this came up today on my first PCB upload test to SparkFun's BatchPCB service.  I used the default text, set to "always vector fonts", and wrote text in the bottom copper layer.  SparkFun's own tutorials suggest doing this, since silkscreening on the bottom is rare and an extra fee.

At the default EAGLE text settings, these fonts were rejected by the BatchPCB "checker bot" because the "traces" were not thick enough.  The bot sends back a color-coded image:  green is good, purple is too close to other traces, orange is too thin to be sure of a solid trace.

Whups.  It would be fine, except the bot won't let you buy a "failed" board.

So if you're in a position like this, you have to use the "i" button, choose the offending text-on-copper object, and adjust the "Ratio" from its default 8% to something bigger like 15%.  This makes the font strokes thicker, the font heavier and bolder.

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