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Author Topic: How to burn a Arduino Bootloader  (Read 1725 times)
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I used the method described in the link Osgeld mentions. Minimal parts required (1 Duemilanove, breadboard, wires and a €0.40 resonator). Took me only like 15 minutes to bootload 10 Atmega328's.

Cheapest and easiest method, you probably only need to order the resonator or the crystal&caps.

Way better then buying a $30 programmer that I would probably barely use.

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I used the parallel port method a month ago to burn 6 IC's.  Simply found an old printer cable, cut the end off, spliced in a connector and burned one after another.  Hardest part was finding the right setting for the parallel port in the Dell BIOS.

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I have tried many homebrew methods..

parallel cable = no go
serial using another MAX chip (I believe) and some caps.. = no go

using an Arduino.. and a few wires was simple..and worked every time.

I actually ordered the BOM on instructables for a breaboard Arduino..

cost total about $7 bucks.. put all on bread board..

used Arduino to flash bootloader..

and since its on my breadboard.. I used a $3.00 data cable and the arduino IDE to upload sketches directly to the breadboard Arduino..

cheap and portable. =)

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