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Hi, I'm working with the ATMEGA168p micro on a Diecimila board (tested other boards also and same issue).

I used the signature changing fix (I created a copy of the ATMEGA168 profile inside avrdude.conf and changed the siganture to 0x1e 0x94 0x0b)
I also made a new definition on the boards.txt to set up this micro uploading with AVRISPMKII (no bootloader)

IDE recognizes the board and the micro, the code is uploaded, but it seems is not using the external oscillator. I tried a one second delay blinkind led sketch and it takes 16 seconds to blink...

Any ideas? I have been cheking and the pin mapping is the same, so is not a hardware issue, probably the fuses to use the external oscillator are not the same, but I know anything about it.

Thanks in advance



I just figured out that uploading the bootloader the micro will be setted up correctly, then you can upload using bootloader or erase it uploading your code again with the AVRISPMKII... anyway the clock will work fine


Just to explain: The factory setting for all AVR chips is 1MHz, derived from the internal RC oscillator.

To use the external  crystal fuses must be changed. AVRdude does this automatically when burning a bootloader.

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