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i am new to Arduino,  i played around with the ardx starters kit.
now i'm building my own project.
i need to switch a circuit to open a door.

But i have de folowing problem:

I have set up my circuit like this

if i use the relay what comes with the ardx kit it works fine.

But if i switch the relay with this relay:

2 amp-30vdc, 0,5amp-110 volt Ac (this is the only info i could find)

It won't change state.
i checked it with 4 of the same relays, so i dont think the are broke.

Is this the the right relay of do i need to order an ohter one, if so any sugestions.



You have probably got it wired up wrong, or misidentified the coil connections. That relay will work in the circuit you posted.


thats it the + and - mirrord :)

tnx man  :)  

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