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Hello world !!

First of all, hi I'm new here. But I have lots of interests in the arduino. I've read a lot of articles, wikis and watch a bunch of YT videos.

I want to create my own board. It was finished and I've one little problem. The Atmega368 I ordered didn't came with any bootloader.

I've read an article on how to create a simple parallel programmer (arduino.cc) .

It really interested me to build one, but one question floating in my mind, I don't have a parallel port and can I use a USB to RS232 with serial to DE25 cable ?

What I'm trying to say is, I have a USB to DE9 port. And it has a DE9 to parallel converter. This this work like a normal parallel port on the pc ?

Any suggestion would be great for me.

Thank you.


And it has a DE9 to parallel converter.

I think you will find that this converter does not bring out the parallel pins but puts the serial connections on a 25 Way socket. Please check your data sheet on this.


To be honest, I don't understand. But I did find this : http://www.pcemporium.com.my/lelong/usbtoparallel2.jpg

I don't think it directly connects the pin to the de25. I must have some kind of USB to serial IC or something there.


That is a USB to parallel convertor but with the centronics type printer connector.  I would have serious doubts whether a USB to parallel convertor would work with a parallel programmer. They don't work on real parallel ports half the time.  

It would probably be easier to buy a USB programmer or even buy a ready built arduino (you always wind up needing more than one ;) )  and use that to burn a bootloader onto your 328.


Well, ok thanks....

But that's the problem....I need some electronics adventure.
Thanks guys, I might consider buying one usb programmer. But it is really hard to get one here in malaysia. This sucks.

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