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Hi all,
I am facing a strange problem. If I were to use a 9V DC power adaptor for the external power supply, I will not be able to connect to the web server IP address.

I am suspecting that the incorrect voltage/current loading is the cause, but the adaptor is rated 9V @ 1A, so it should be able to sustain current draw.

I have also tried to supply a 5V through the USB input by cutting up one of my spare cable but it also doesn't work.

Lastly, I tried to redirect my power source from the adaptor to the 9V input/ground pins.

In all scenarios, the LEDs on the board lights up, even for the ethernet shield with the LEDs blinking away.

I am at a loss, how do I troubleshoot this?

I have a DFROBOT DFrduino Duemilanove 328 and its Ethernet Shield.

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